Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Creation of a Tiny Home

The tiny home/AKA Mother in law cabin/garden shed is coming together! The whole prefab cabin went up in about 7 hours. It is only a shell so we are going to work on completing the inside as soon as possible. The exterior paint is only a primer coat. We plan to build a deck, and stepping stones up to the house. So we have some exterior work to do also. I will continue to update as things go on. Lots of new and exciting things going on.

On a side note, I also completely revamped my entire Etsy shop. Our new home doesn't get as much light as our old casa so I had to find an alternative photoshoot space.
Check out the new shop theme and photos HERE.

We had to dig about 2 and a half feet on one side to make it level(turned out one section was all clay-ugh) and we found 3 pier blocks in the 'forest' outside of our yard that were 2 feet tall. They were perfect to help level out the foundation. The 3 pier blocks were unfortunately at least 400 pounds each. We moved them with a dolly that had a weight limit of probably 200 pounds. And the tires are somehow not flat! I should do a product review! :)

I documented our experience picking out, and customizing the tiny cabin also.

I snapped a photo of the interior of our living room. It is ALSO coming together!

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