Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Rose Tutorial

Step 1 & 2: Round out the corners of the scrapbooking paper(You can use smaller paper- I wanted the biggest and fullest flowers possible).

Step 3: Cut into the circle. Create a starting point for your spiral.
Step 4: Cut a spiral into the circle. Keep an inch or more from your previous cuts. It does not have to be perfect. I actually encourage you to not make perfect cuts. Imperfections in your cutting will make the flowers look more real!

Step 5: Start rolling your paper inward. If your paper is textured/pearl make sure to roll that side inward. It will end up being exposed when the flowers are complete.
Step 6: Keep rolling, and focus on the base of the flower being tight. The outside can be looser to encourage more 'petals'.

Step 7: The rose is becoming more obvious. Keep the base tight, and extend the rolls on the outside as previously mentioned.
Step 8: When done with rolling. Hold the flower to the base so it does not fall apart.
Step 9: Try to loosen the flowers petals on the outside while holding the center together. This will make the flower bigger, and fuller.

Step 10: Hold the flower upside down in the face of your palm, and lift the bottom off.
Step 11: Cover the bottom with hot glue.
Step 12: Hold the flower tight together- pushing everything to the base so it will get glue on it. I usually leave the flower faced down for a minute or so to dry.

Step 13: Place hot glue on the top of the clothes pin.
Step 14: Push the flower from the top down onto the hot glue, and hold it for 15 seconds. I once again leave them faced down for gravity to do it's job. This makes it so no glue will get on any of your work space.

ALL DONE! Now they are ready to pin to anything! I plan to use these in the trees surrounding my aunt, and her husband-to-be on their wedding day(next month). The colors will make for adorable pictures! Now the REAL project is to make hundreds! Now that I taught you, Will you help me?! :)

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