Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Adventures

Yesterday was the celebration of my birth. I am one year older now, and I am feeling damn good(Can I say that?). :) I really wanted to go to the lake, and have dinner. There is also a year round gondola ride to the top of a mountain on the way, and of course we stopped. I am SO happy that we did. I could have went home after JUST doing that, and I would have been a happy lady. The gondola ride is at Willamette Pass Ski Resort. It takes you up to the top of Eagle Peak where there is a 360 degree view of all of Oregon's beauty. The elevation was 6,666 feet at the top. We started at 5,120 feet. We went up 1,546 feet on the gondola! The weather also couldn't have been better! My mom, brother, sister and 2 of her kids came along with Wayne and I for the trip, and our next destination was Odell Lake Lodge & Resort!

Odell Lake is one of Oregon's largest natural lakes, and is only 2 miles from Willamette Pass. Apparently it gets very windy there mid day. We had only stopped there once in the morning on our way to our Fort Rock Adventures. After a look around the sold out lake. We continued on this wonderful birthday adventure to Crescent Lake.

Crescent lake is a much smaller lake than Odell lake, but it has a beach with sand! Both restaurants had live music at 5pm. We thoroughly enjoyed staying there to eat(less wind). The food was great, the music was great, the weather was great, the view was great, and the company.. I can't forget them. I loved everything about this trip. My nephew went for a swim in the crystal clear blue water before we headed back.

We stopped at several campgrounds on the way back to my house(for smores). My sister and her new husband like to go boating, so we peeped a few areas they may be interested in. We found a GOLD MINE! Shelter Cove on Odell lake is the spot! They have 13 lakefront cabins with their own personal moorage per cabin. It is free on private cabin docks. The marina holds 130 boats, has boat rentals, and even gas available on the dock! 72 campsites, a store(with an espresso bar), showers, laundry, and a community fire pit in front of the marina. Their resort vehicles were hummers.... It was top of the line, or should I say "top shelf". We will be back there. Maybe for an extended family gathering, or someone else's birthday(HINT)!

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