Saturday, July 6, 2013

This is Bear Country

I have shown interest in foraging, but never considered that things would be so abundant on our property. So adundant that I would be excited enough to gather the WHOLE PLANT! I want to bring all of them closer to the house. We have a hazelnut tree, wild raspberries, blackberries, thimbleberries, and huckleberries. Spearmint is growing everywhere like weeds, and the wild flowers.. So far I have only seen bleeding hearts, and trilliums. We have been doing quite a bit of yard work lately to prepare for my parents, and brother coming over for a very very late fathers day. My mom has been to the house(before we moved in), but yesterday was my dad/brother's first time out here. Everything around the property that we have been trying to find a home for such as our grass clippings (we do not have a yard debris pickup), branches, leaves, bark. I have been collecting all of it, and laying down layers and layers of the debris on my hiking trails. The hiking trail is called "snotty fir" trail head. Usually we say "snotty pine" (where we come up with these things- I do not know), but we have mostly only doug fir trees on the property. I was considering "snotty maple fir" trail head. haha Oh the joys of making silly hiking trail names. I am also considering a My Way <== or the Highway ==> arrows. :)
I am so happy that mi Padre came over. It gave us a chance to finally take advantage of our big firepit. We cooked lunch over the fire, and went for a drive. We saw 3 lakes, 1 creek and 1 river. Checked out a park, a campground, a marina, and local hiking trail. Now that we know where to go, we need to find our swimming holes for those 100 degree days.

I would also like to share the 15 second instagram video my brother made during our adventures. See HERE. On instagram? Follow him!

Oh but look at this scenery! We are so close to hiking trails, camp grounds, lakes, streams, rivers. We have everything but the ocean in our backyard. Hah! Even bear... We found that out only yesterday! I'll be more careful in my backyard now! I always have my machete on my back like a real ninja. Forest ninja!

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