Monday, July 8, 2013

Fort Rock Adventures

Yesterday was one of the best days ever! We woke up nice and early, coffee in hand, and a Bon Iver playlist. We drove out of the morning fog, and into the hot dry desert. We could have spent the whole day looking at the surrounding area, but had a mission to get to Fort Rock. I can't believe how beautiful this state is. On the drive Wayne actually said in a sarcastic voice, "Wow, this state sucks". While looking around I laughed, because we were driving along a river, and past many lakes and resorts. Even a ski resort with year round gondola rides! My mind was blown, and we hadn't even met our destination..
First stop: Homestead Village Museum. The homestead era peaked in 1912, most of the 'new' inhabitants had never farmed in the high desert before, and were forced to leave. Some managed well. All of the buildings were moved from their original locations to the museum to be restored, and preserved. The church is still used for weddings, and memorials! You can see Fort Rock in the background. It is part of an ancient dried lake, and an extinct volcano. In 1938 a archaeologist discovered prehistoric artifacts in the caves dating back 8,000 years ago.
If you are ever in Oregon, or if you live in Oregon I highly recommend going there! The museum is open Fri, Sat & Sun 10am-4pm May 18-Sep 16. ♥

This crater is called the "Hole in the Ground". It is 4 miles down a very bumpy dirt road, about 6-8 miles from Fort Rock. It is a volcanic crater formed by steam explosions. 1 mile wide, and 300 feet deep. Quite an impressive sight..


  1. Awesome post! Love all the photos! I love Oregon--we have every kind of scenery here--desert, mountains, beaches, valleys! I think I will have to make a trip that way one day soon! <3 Mom

    1. I didn't know Oregon had an 'Outback'. I love it out there. I also appreciated the clear blue skies. :)