Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Long for Long Summer Nights.

I want to work less and play more. It is a hard goal when you want to save up for the "Modern Quiet Lifestyle". I want a place that everyone we know and care about can go to to get away from things. A place that is secluded but not far from everything. A place big enough to have movie screenings on a projector or a wedding in the back yard. A possible way to make income while living on this heavenly property. A renovated barn would be beautiful for receptions. I am getting rather good at making party decorations! A place we can harvest a big garden! Pick blackberries! A few fruit trees. Set up a stand by the road. A place where nature is alive! I want to take photos of everything. I want to bird watch, and make wild flower arrangements. Take long walks and wave at the neighbors.
A healthy stress free lifestyle is the "American Dream". Why is it so far away from most of us?
Photo credits: Corrie Bond, absolutelybeautifulthings Blog, The last 3 are fromWalnuts Farm.

This second batch of photos is by Photographer Ashley Ann. It is a Book Donation Party. All of the childrens books go to the local hospital to bring smiles on kids faces. A cute and thoughtful idea for a little boys birthday party!

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