Thursday, June 16, 2011

It is time for a trip!

My soul is screaming for a vacation! I am thinking it is time for a trip. It doesn't have to be too far.. I just want to see something new, and take a couple of extra days off work. Maybe the lodge at Crater Lake? Camping? Seattle? Maybe a train trip to Canada? or San Francisco? The Rip Curl Pro Search is happening in November from the 1st-11th in San Francisco. We could do that. Watch the surf in the rain for a week.-tehe I know Wayne would have a blast. He would probably know half the people there.. At least we can get employee rates for a hotel. It is going be be a bustling city, and very expensive.

Symi, Greek Island photo shoot.
Marie Claire Turkey July 2010
Shot by: Cihan Alpgiray
Styling by: Duygu Hamdioğlu
Hair & Makeup: Elif Girgin
Models: Patrisha Petrová & Isabella Strandell

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