Friday, June 17, 2011

On my Weekend..

My adventures lead me to:

There is something about going to a place that you grew up going to as a kid. Something that is hard to explain.. I feel connected to Sisters, Oregon. I grew up going to a place called Jack Creek Park, and camping for weeks at a time with one of my old friends. It was what I looked forward to all year, and once it passed is all I ever talked about. The prestine-ness was out of this world. Or very much what this world used to look like. It was so full of life. Wild flowers everywhere, deer, beaver, butterflies. There were islands in the creek where we would play. Shave our legs in the freezing snow melt waters. Swim every day in nearby lakes, buy 1 cent candy, and ice cream at Camp Sherman. I could go on for days! Anyways Wayne has never been there so we ran there while my mom was at work(we were visiting her). The entire area burned in a fire about 8 years ago, and I think about what it looks like now pretty often.. It looks burnt. The park looks nothing like it used to.. We did the hike to the head of the creek. I couldn't have been more dissapointed. I know the forest has to "renew" itself. I get that that is a process that nature has to do. But I've never seen beauty like that, and it is gone now. Just a sad thing to see something die..
This is one of the only things we did pick up in sisters. It is a fan for smudging ceremonies made of feathers, rabbit fur, and an antler. Wayne picked some sage and made these smudge sticks for him and his mom.
(Smudging is a ritual way to cleanse a person , place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. The smudging ceremony involves the burning of special, sacred plants and herbal resins, then, either passing an object through the resulting smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place. The spirit of the plant then purifies whatever is being smudged. )

We also went to my aunts house for my cousins graduation party.- He just graduated from high school! CONGRATS!

While there a baby bird fell from a nest in front of my aunts house. Such a cutie. We tried to let it go in a safe place. :/ It was a good and eventful weekend!

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