Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reclaimed, and Recycled West Elm Items

I could move into every single West Elm photo shoot I swear.. I love furniture that is less than perfect. Makes me want to take all of our shelves out into the yard(if I had one) and start beating them up. I love the farm/beach style it creates. The texture, and organic look adds so much character to a room. Plus everything we humans create should have more than one life! Don't get me started on disposable items, electronics, and plastics. Everything these days is made to break. By the time your product breaks- the new version is already out. Time to upgrade! I want organic everything.. It is impossible. I know. But wouldn't it be lovely to wipe your toosh with organic toilet paper? Wear only organic fabrics, and sleep in organic sheets, organic towels, and rugs. Life would be much softer, and healthier. Have you guys read the book "The Story Of Stuff" by Annie Leonard(you can read the entire book online for free here)? You wouldn't believe how processed cotton is. Formaldehyde! The textile industry calls it "easy care", which means soft, wrinkle resistant, stain and odor resistant , fireproof, moth proof, and antistatic. It is a magic potion. It results in respiratory problems, burning eyes, and cancer. I am only listing ONE chemical used on cotton. We wear this stuff, it is everywhere in our lives.. I just wish things were less processed, and we saw more things being reclaimed and reused. I am SO pro DIY.

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