Thursday, July 7, 2011

Border Oak Inspirational Homes

Border Oak is a family owned and operated company in England that is dedicated to the revival of the art of green oak framing. They use traditional British techniques, and do international business! They are committed to building the finest sustainable homes for all.
 Border Oak has a Blog! Check it out.

If money ever fell in my lap...OH BOY! The vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, brick walls, giant gardens, fire places. I would slap some solar panels on that baby, and a rain catch! It would of course be in a secluded location. I am not into "showing off". I want a place nestled in the woods, with a open area where I grow all of my own ORGANIC food, with an attached green house. I want to be fully sustainable. Completely off the grid, but still living in a modern way of life. I am sick of the chemicals, and lies. I refuse to be a lab rat any longer. People are starting to wake up- realizing we consume too much. We are dependant on the system for almost everything in our lives. It isn't healthy. The system is set up exactly so everyone is dependant. We are throwing money into a select few people's pockets. The U.S. is so far in dept that every second the dept rate goes up $40,000. Every Second! If that doesn't scream, "Chaos is coming!" to you then I don't know what to say.. I am worried, and you should too. Sustainability is the future- That, or we don't have one.
That was my rant.. (sorry)
            Back to Border Oak Homes again. Aren't the photos beautiful?! Their website has hundreds of photo's. It is amazing! Their resume is impressive.


  1. Thank you for including our houses in your blog, and for all your lovely comments.

    As well as our blog and website, we also have a Facebook page and we try and post new photos on here as often as possible!

    Thanks again,
    Border Oak

    1. I am always happy to share beautiful work.. :)