Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coast Cabins Manzanita, Oregon

Coast Cabins is an intimate retreat for couples. There are 5 mini spa cabins(320 sq ft-700 sq ft) to choose from in a garden setting. There is a fire pit that is lit 24 hours a day, and at night the owners come out and serve wine and treats to their guests. Some of the cabins have out door spa-tubs that are drained and cleaned for each arriving new guest. They have luxury amenities, restoration towels, and spa robes. There are teak loungers, and charcoal barbeques. Basically everything you can think of with a simple and relaxing getaway Coast Cabins has it.  I have read all of the reviews. Not a single bad one you can find.  I took my mom here and stayed in one of their 3 condos for her birthday. And I wanted to move in and stay for life. I could really call that home. You felt it.. You don't feel that in a hotel. It had Chilean oak floors, wool carpet with radiating floor heaters, 14 foot ceilings, gas fireplace, 2 decks, 2 adorable lush bedrooms, and 2 chic bathrooms with luxury amenities. It was a good gift- and she is re-gifting it. We are heading back there next month to celebrate our birthdays(Mine is the 20th)(His is Aug 7th)!!


  1. Loved our stay there in May! Beautiful town too!

  2. It was amazing, but not even close to enough time. You didn't get to see very many of the shops. We will have to plan a trip to go back! Thanks for the gift!!!<3