Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tu Tu Tun Lodge In Gold Beach, Oregon

How about a little relaxation at Tu Tu Tun Lodge. It is about a 7 hour drive from Portland. Gold Beach is the second town north of the California border. This lodge looks so secluded, and relaxing. I have this feeling we would wake up with the sun, sit on the patio sipping coffee, hike all day, eat a super yummy meal, drink champagne in the outdoor soaking tub while relaxing our muscles after that hike, pass out next to the fire place, and do it all over again. How insanely incredible does that sound?! It is nestled next to the Rogue River. The lodge has it's own dock where jet boats pick up, and kayaks are launched. So many places to sit and have a picnic or bird watch (one of my favorite things). The Oregon coast has so many amazing retreats. I think I might just continue to show you guys a few!

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