Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Party Pinwheel

If you didn't notice I took a couple of days off here to gather with family, and BBQ. I had the best time. The inspiration for today is inspired by my days off. Sunshine, organic veggie shish kabobs, kids laughing, swimming, and star shaped organic watermelon cut from cookie cutters. I need something fun, and playful. A Pinwheel!
This Pinwheel was found at Style Me Pretty blog. It was created for a "Pinwheel and Pom Poms" themed baby shower. It could be used for any occasion, and mini versions can be made for cupcake toppers, or as a gift to send kids home with. It can have the theme of the party printed on it, Or the name of the recipient to make their gift personalised. If there is assigned seating at a wedding let the pinwheel hold their place. Tons of ideas!

Materials List:
template, which can be found right here
12 inch Wooden Dowels – Drilled about 1/2 inch down on one end. The drilled hole should be the same diameter as the Wooden Tie Pegs
Wooden Tie Pegs {They found theirs at Michael’s
Drill and Drill bit the size of the Tie Pegs
They printed the paper double sided to match the colors of the baby shower as well as added the tag line on one of the petals
Grommet tool
Large Grommets
Wood Glue
Hole Punch
Wood Saw

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