Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Dream Cabin Design..

I thought I would express my slight obsession with this cabin. It is quite the dream.. It is the exact design I want minus the lookout tower, But the lookout tower is definitely alot of fun. It would be amazing if it is big enough to have guests over for candlelit dinners up top. I can just see the twinkly lights strung around it. Hmm..
"The owners have a 400 acre farm in Yolo County near the town of Winters (a vibrant farming community in the Sacramento Valley), the owners of the Yolo Cabin asked their SF-based architect son Lewis Butler of Butler Armsden (and a Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory member) to create a modern, simple, and practical space from which to continue a long family tradition of farming; cultivating the land around them. Knowing they would eventually move the cabin to another part of the property, the owners requested that the cabin be mobile: the structure is based on two large glu-lam beams and can literally be picked up and moved by a truck, resulting in a very light footprint on the surrounding area."
See Remodelista(link) for the full article, and more pictures.

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