Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coast Cabins Christmas Adventure

Wayne and I decided that it would be a bad idea to get eachother gifts for Christmas this year. One- because we are trying to declutter our lives to eventually move into a tiny cozy cabin, and Two- because we have just about everything we need. We see the pointlessness in getting something for someone else just so they have something to open. We don't see things that way. It makes more sense to create memories, and go some place we love. We had no idea that Coast Cabins would be our destination till just the day before. All we knew is that we were going to go on vacation, and with our luck the weather would suck. For the most part it did. This is our third stay at Coast Cabins, and second time in the North Tower Cabin 3. It is 425 sq ft- simple and adorable. Inspiration for our future cabin. Our rainy day activities for the last two days have been spent building fires, soaking in the hot tub, watching movies, taking tons of pictures(over 500), made smores, chased the sun and sipped coffee. It was wonderful to just sit back warm in our tiny cabin in a bamboo forest, and listen to the waves crash in the distance. Also we eat for the most part only organic food, so alot of the food we ate we brought from home. It saved us some extra cash, which in times like these we need.
This is our adventure.


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    1. Hehe No! I looked at the tag it was made in Brooklyn. There is also a squirrel on the couch!

  2. LOVE this post! I noticed that owl pillow I love the cabin. I can see you two there! Very nice place to LIVE!

    1. It is cozy. The only thing missing is a fireplace! All of their properties feel like home...