Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yet Another Juice Recipe, Also How to Open a Pomegranate The Right Way!

I bought a pomegranate about a week ago and I have been dreading pulling that baby apart to get the seeds out. I figured I could do a photo tutorial on the right way to open up a pomegranate in case some of you don't know how. I didn't grow up with pomegranates so when I first saw one.. I was scared, and rather interested. Also something interesting I just found out is a pomegranate will last 3 months in the fridge!.. I had no idea.

Step 1. Put that baby on a plate. Pomegranates stain everything! Wear clothes you don't care much about, and do not use a cutting board.
Step 2. Cut a hole around the crown- top is shown in the first picture. Don't cut across- cut downwards into a circle.
Step 3. Once the top is off slice 3 slits down the sides along the pith to reduce cutting the seeds.
Step 4. Pull the pomegranate apart- pick off some of the large pieces of pith and membrane.
Step 5. Put cold water into a larger bowl for the pomegaranate to sit in. While pulling apart the pomegranate face it downwards or into the water, it reduces the amount of juice that will spray out while you pick them off of the piths. As you pull the seeds off they will sink to the bottom of the bowl, making it easy for you to skim the water and throw out any pith floating.
Step 5. Drain the water using the back side of the plate you previously used to cut the pomegranate. Hold it together with your bowl and let only the water out.

Next you can either eat the seeds/ put them in a blender with other fruits, or juice it!

By juicing the pomegranate and 2 apples it came out to about a full glass and a half. The health benefits to this juice recipe are impressive! Pomegranates are proven to prevent breast cancer/destroy breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Prevents lung cancer, Slows the growth of prostate cancer, Prevents osteoarthritis, Protects arteries, Prevents alzheimer's disease, Lowers cholesterol, Lowers blood pressure, Also prevents dental plaque. That is a tiny list of just one of the ingredients in this juice! Plus because it is juiced, you absorb all of the nutrients right away. Your body doesn't have to do any of the work!

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