Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The inspiration for my life and goals has been found.

It is funny because I have only been "blogging" since May and I can already see the evolution of my blog. Instead of just posting about something I am slightly interested in- just to have a regular post.. I am losing interest in hunting for things. That explains why I am posting less frequently. I am naturally turning my blog into a hunt for things I want in the future. Examples are: crafts, DIY projects, road trips, photography, family festivities, gardening, canning, long term food storage, eating seasonally and healthy, juicing, raising a few animals, building a cozy cabin, living for the most part off the grid, and saving enough money for all of these things to be possible.

My life feels like it has a focus. I am driven. I can't wait to see where my blog has gone another year from now.
Follow me on me journey.  Also follow my Pinterest- That is where I found all of these photos! Individual links are posted below each photo. To my followers- Thanks for following! To my family- I can't wait for the movie nights in the yard, Juicing parties, Canning parties, Freshly harvested dinners. We are going to have a fun retreat for all of us to gather. Kristy- If you keep holding off the wedding- I'll have a place for that too : )
 Black Cabin- here, Open Kitchen Shelving- here

 Perfect Fireplace- here, Tiny Cozy Cabin- here

 Built-in Desk and Lots of Book Shelves- here, Tiny Cozy Cabin- here

 Wood Shelf on Wheels- here, Hallway Pantry- here

 Relaxed Bedroom with Vintage Textiles- here, Cute Tiny Cabin- here

Perfect Wood Burning Fireplace- here, The Perfect Rocking Chair- here

Potting Shed and Garden- here, Apple Picking- here, Raising Chickens- here

Holding Rabbits- here, Raising Chickens- here, Raising a Pig- here


  1. I LOVE this post. LOVE that black cabin! Dream life!

    1. Dream Life is right! haha I am in love with the thought inside of my head. It helps when I have access to so many photos to keep feeding the ideas. I love the tiny home/micro farm simple lifestyle. I don't want much but what I do want is nice. Keep things simple. Our lives are too full of "stuff". I don't need much of anything. This lady is already happy. I am ready to have an "estate sale". Everything must go. haha Just a couch, bed, blanket, tea, kettle, coffee, fireplace, sewing machine, laptop, wifi, veggies, you guys and Wayne. <3

  2. The tiny cabin looks like us....we live in 380 sq. ft. in the National Forest.