Thursday, August 25, 2011

Elijah Bristow Adventure

Once again we had another adventure. We ended up at a friends place(Hi Terry). We drank champagne, wine, and cocktails out of waterford crystal glasses, devoured a yummy vegetarian meal, bird watched for hours, drove around a nearby lake, went for a nature hike at Elijah Bristow State Park, and sat by the "dancing bear" firepit and watched the sun set. The man really knows how to throw a dinner. The meal even matched his tablecloth set.. On our nature hike we saw a turtle, beaver, great blue heron, red tailed hawk, and hundreds of frogs. The park has 847 acres of scattered meadows, woodlands, and wetlands. It was beautiful.
This is our adventure.


  1. Another great post! I'd like to go there someday! Let's make a date! You changed your banner too! Very nice! Love ya!

  2. Yeah it was fun. I like nature hikes anywhere! You should take us to the waterfalls that are close to the house. Wayne would love to see that. The banner- I created at 6am this morning before work. haha That is dedication..

  3. He wants to go to McDowell Creek Falls? I have Wednesday off....let me know. Love ya!