Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today's Inspiration Is Some Beautiful Photography By My Wonderful Boyfriend

This is the last couple of months seen through Wayne's Minolta X3-70. He is a wonderful photographer. He sticks mainly to film photography, which I am envious of. This is just some of his 2 rolls he just got developed. I love them! His photos create a mood, or give a consistant feeling. A dreaminess, that is unexplainable. It is how I would envision looking back on the last couple of months, but with even more detail. The photos are from both of our birthday trips to Cannon Beach, and Manzanita. We also did some bird watching in Vernonia, Oregon last month.
Inspired to do a roadtrip yet? We love seeing the different landscapes of Oregon. Everywhere you go is so different.. But there is a few places that you leave a little piece of yourself in..
These are some of mine.
Check out Wayne's Tumblr, and Flickr.

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