Thursday, August 11, 2011

Manzanita Birthday Adventures

We are back!!
 This photo is what I ended up doing for Wayne on his birthday. I said I would do something cute since I only got to see him for half an hour. Wine, Banner, and a love letter. <3

 This is a recap of the last couple of days at Coast Cabins. It was wonderful, and as I expected went by way too fast. The bed was the comfiest thing I have ever touched. So comfortable- I took pictures of all of the tags so I can recreate this heaven at home. I also got in the hot tub twice, and havn't done that in years! The weather was perfect, and there were so many different kinds of birds chirping. I felt like we were really in nature. We saw a bald eagle pick up a crow, and take it to its nest. That's the second bald eagle I have seen in a month! We picked drift wood from Manhattan beach to create some projects.. Possibly to sell on Etsy. Wayne built a fire which he tended to for hours (Pyro), While I lounged in the sun with a rum and cranberry juice(drunk). Wayne surfed, we drank lots of coffee, made smores, got veggie pizza, went to the organic market, watched Wild Russia, and The Lincoln Lawyer.
Something I must add is they had smore kits, organic chocolate, and fruit in the cabin upon arrival. Also offered us any kind of beverage we would like and said we could take any bottle to our cabin. The owners really created a paradise, and know how to make you feel at home.

I want to do this all over again, but for a week! So expensive... Maybe we can Glamp instead!? I could lounge in a hammock with a book for a week and bird watch.


  1. Love this post! Great photos Kristina!

  2. very cool! Glad you two had fun!

  3. Manzanita is my dream beach town.. If the family ever runs into some money. We all know what I want.. A cozy little beach cabin.