Monday, August 15, 2011

Today's Inspiration Is Wandawega Lake Resort

Today's inspiration is Wandawega Lake Resort in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The resort is nestled on a lake with virtually no traffic, 25 acres of untouched woods and trails filled with wildlife approximately 2 hours from Chicago.  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources calls it 'one of the cleanest lakes in the state'. Also if you look up the word "rustic" that is what you will experience at the resort. Nothing has been updated in 86 years. Traveling to the resort is actually a trip back in time. They suggest that if you require sheets with a thread count of more than 50, a concierge, a new box spring -they wouldn't recommend this resort. "Expect ladybugs on your pillow, and the occasional cricket if you're lucky."

Some reasons why people would want to stay here are:
-A million stars, and even more birds.
-The opportunity to walk right out your door to the lake.
-All fishing gear, boats, sports equipment, smoring tools, grill, are included in your stay.
-You are treated like a house guest not a renter.
-A really vintage basketball, shuffleboard, volleyball, and tennis court.
-A private beach, two creeky old piers lined with vintage rowboats, and a rope swing.
-Fishing, and campfires. Hiking trail, swimming, archery.
-A few retro schwinns to explore the area.
-A lake full of fish.
-Hammocks, floating inner tubes, swim platform, stocked campfire pit.
-Free local calls, depending on your cell phone plan.
-Some rooms come with a shower, all come with a lake.
-Hot shower (The Single Luxury).
-Pool (disguised as a solar heated lake).
-Some air-conditioning is available (when the wind is blowing).
-Shared kitchen and bath.
-We provide sheets, original retro scratchy camp towels(think military issue) & a sense of humor.


  1. I don't want to visit there....I want to LIVE there! I knew you would like it when I pinned it!

  2. It looks like a dream doesn't it? So much entertainment and fun in one place.