Sunday, August 7, 2011

It Is Wayne's Birthday Today!!

It is my wonderful boyfriends birthday today, and also the first day in a while that my schedule has changed for the worst. We have completely opposite schedules today and tomorrow. So I will see him for 30 minutes. I wouldn't call it a good day. I am going to hurry through this post and get cleaning the house. I'm going to do something cute so at least I will get a smile out of him when I am not around. I am thinking wine, a banner, and a card? Maybe I'll go cuter. I've got to start with a clean house. Hope you guys are enjoying this weather. There is no sun, but it's not a one bit cold. A good day for a hike!

Beautiful Photography by Todd Marshard Party time! Our party time begins Tuesday after work. 2 days in a cabin! I am so excited!! (Thanks mom)

I thought I would also post a collage I made for Wayne's facebook wall. Some surfing photos I took of him.

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