Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burgon & Ball- Cute Graphic Labeled Jars

Today's Inspiration is Burgon & Ball's Cute Graphic Printed Labels on Herb and Oil Storage Jars.
Some day when we get our veggie, and herb garden, and fruit trees  : )  Making jam, and pickling are going to be top on the list(With the help of Waynes mom-Hi Patti). Preserving and canning food, making organic treats, drying, and gifting! Anything homemade has so much more love in it. These labeled jars make gifting cute, and easy. They would also be adorable for a wedding(Kristy)... Think: Local RAW Honey, and Mactarnahan's Oregon Honey Beer. Honey is a good theme for a wedding, It is all about you and your honey.. right? (tehehehe)

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