Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple, Free, and Memorable Gift Idea

While on a run with Wayne along the Willamette River, we decided to go down to the water off of the running path. Once there we noticed shells, and started to collect some. Then I noticed every rock was the perfect skipping stone! I was like "WAYNE, Do you see any garbage I can put rocks in to?! (Of course there was). I had no idea what I would do with all of these rocks. But I knew it would be a gift of some sort. I started thinking... I have this faint memory of skipping stones with cousins, and my brother, and my grandpa showing us up. He could skip so far! It's possible it was a dream.. But who doesn't enjoy taking a nice walk down to a river, or lake. Simple joys in life. I figure he can take the great-grand kids rock skipping for an afternoon? Plan a picnic? That sounds amazing..
It is his birthday on Sunday. The extended family is all coming together on Saturday. It is also the kick off to our vacation. I will take LOTS of photos! <3

Here is another idea for the kids picnic. Distribute rocks evenly among the kids with these berry carriers.

Child photo is by Amanda Pratt

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