Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Are Going Camping!

We are going camping in a few days! This will be our first time as a couple to sleep outdoors. Haha. It should be interesting. Wayne wants to use his manly outdoor skills, and I want to lather in "natural" mosquito spray. He says "mosquitos aren't at the beach.." and I say "Oh...." We are only cooking over the fire, only using powdered milk, no cooler- so only dry goods. This is very different from anything I have ever experienced. It'll be good for us to use some outdoor skills. A spike in prices are on their way, also for energy.. American's are so dependant. Our perfectly brewed coffee, perfectly cooled and heated homes, the convenience of running to the market instead of growing or making anything ourselves. Survival skills, and camping supplies will only help us through tough times.. Win win. Plus it is so fun. I plan to soak that sun up hard.

All photos are from Wandawega Lake.

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