Saturday, September 10, 2011

Twig and Thistle DIY Project

Today's inspiration is a DIY project from Twig & Thistle Blog. She created a picnic blanket out of a poly-coated canvas drop cloth. It is brilliant because the bottom has a layer of plastic coating. She created a consistant zig zag using a foam core/foam board cut out. Once completely drawn, she then used painters tape to seal off the paintable areas. And then the easy part- Use a small paint roller, and let it dry over night. How simple!  Wouldn't this be perfect for that kids picnic I was just writing about in my last post? I Love the color too. Wouldn't this be fun for a wedding? Cloths for people to grab and lay in the grass with custom couples monograms painted on them. Here are some monogram ideas from The Wedding Chicks. (Kristy.. This is a really cute idea. There could be a basket of cloths just for kids- they could have games painted on them. Think: Personalised Twister Board!)

You can purchase a 5'x5' Poly-coated Canvas Drop Cloth at Home Depot for $7.98.

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