Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Vacation Adventures

We have just one more day left in our vacation. As you can guess it has gone by just way too fast.. We planned to go camping for three nights, and ended up just staying two because of the weather. Funny kids. We wanted sun! It's hard to enjoy the beach when it is really cold, windy, and misty. We got to explore some of the spots we drove past on our first trip from Florence to Newport. It really is beautiful. Cape Perpetua is something else.. I'd like to go back and do some hiking (when the sun is shining). As I said before we only brought dry food, and powdered milk for coffee. Check out the concoction Wayne made for our drip coffee. I love it. I had to take photos.
This is our Beachside State Park adventure.

We drove to where the sun was the day after we got back from camping. All we knew is Hwy 84 was clear. We had lunch in Hood River, then continued on to where it was 100 degrees! From 55 degrees at the beach to 100 the next day is.... quite much. Turnes out we end up in Pendleton during the opening night of Pendleton Round-Up! What are the chances?! What a culture shock! The welcoming sign says, "Welcome to the Real West". Pendleton is no joke. I loved it. The town has so much pride. You can tell just by driving through! There is a "Welcome to Pendleton" sign every 30 feet it seemed. It took so long to get there and back that we spent less than 2 hours there. I want to plan to go back next year, and bring quite a bit of cash. Wayne bought the Pendleton wool blanket he has always wanted (Glacier National Park). There is so much jewelry, and beautiful handmade goods. May I add I had fry bread(some history on fry bread) for the 3rd time in my life. : ) Yum.
This is adventure number two of our vacation.

This last one is from Wayne's collection. More to follow soon.

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