Friday, September 6, 2013

A Great Way to Kick Off Fall

In my last post I said that we took a day off and had a bit of an excursion. We had lunch with the Ter Bear at a bed and breakfast called Westfir Lodge with only 6 things on the menu and a whole lot of history. We then ventured onto country roads and spent time noticing a clear start to fall. The leaves are all changing colors. The lakes are all getting low. We couldn't help but run out to the exposed tree stumps in Hills Creek Lake, and Terry took us to a river he grew up fishing on. We found SO many places to go hiking, saw a golden eagle, snake, and a scorpion! Yep.. a scorpion in the Oregon mountains. I never would have expected to see that!
It is possible tomorrow will be another day of adventures. Yahooey! I am expecting a LONG winter so we have to get them in while we can!

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