Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Make Wood Round Table Numbers

When we moved into the new house, there were a TON (quite literally) of downed trees and tree dibris. With the doug fir branches that were cut to give us our view of the lake from the house.. We started to cut and chip all of them up, and I thought just maybe I could use these! I asked Wayne to cut a bunch with his chop saw. I put them up in my shop and instantly people wanted them. Rustic themed parties are in these days! So I thought I would show you guys how we do it!

Here is a tip to get you started:
We figured out that young trees are not as tightly bound like the old trees branches. The branches are less grooved and much easier to write on! So go for branches.

Do note that these branches were already dry by the time that we got here. So they will not split. If you are working with green wood. You need a wood stabilizer called Pentacryl to keep them from splitting. This goes for large wood rounds for centerpieces also.

I use Polycrylic as a surface protector. It really isn't necessary though. It helps protect wood surfaces from water damage. I wanted it to kindof glue the moss and reinforce the bark. It gives the wood a semi glossy look.

I drill them, and hang them with twine. The ideas are endless for these little things!

Learning to work with wood is interesting. It is one thing that I never thought that I would be doing, but making wood signs for my shop is my getaway from all of the screen printing! I like doing something different.. I hope you guys enjoy learning along with me! Check out my Etsy shop to see what I have been up to. If it just isn't possible that you can make them on your own I do have them available for purchase in my shop.


  1. Love this! Just another reason I seriously need to invest in that kind of saw, I need it for so many DIY projects!