Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coburg Antique Fair 2013

Coburg, Oregon has an annual antique fair and I have braced myself to go to every year. It is not only antiques, the entire town has yard sales also! We would have literally been there 4am-5pm if we went to everything, and in every store. Yes it all starts at 4am! There was over 350 dealers from over 6 states. Wayne and his mom and I came to the conclusion that everyone jacks up their prices for the event. Everything was ridiculously priced.. I went there looking for "deals" and got just the opposite. We would have been better off going to all of the yard sales. It was fun to dog watch and look around though, and the weather was PERFECT. We also didn't have much cash on us, and not all vendors take cards or have prices on every item. It was a fun family outing though! They had tons of food vendors and live blues music in the park. It was a good first timers experience. Now I know what I will be looking for in next years fair! I DO recommend going if you live in Oregon. Despite the lack of "deals" it was fun!

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