Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Day Trip

My family had planned to meet in Coburg, Oregon for an antique fair. We thought it was on Saturday, but turns out it was on Sunday. We had a whole day to play with and no plans! We took a two car caravan sightseeing(Mom,bro,aunt,uncle,Wayne and I). My aunt and new uncle wanted to see our new house, so we gave them the tour. Had lunch at a local brewery, then went to a fish hatchery that has a museum, miniature golf, game bird exhibit, & 8 foot long sturgeon! I thought that would be interesting, and something new that none of us have done. It was really beautiful there..

We ventured on 20 miles past that to the famous Salt Creek Falls. The second largest waterfall in Oregon.

And then.... Our favorite campground and future boating spot. Shelter Cove on Odell Lake. We bought snacks and sat by the open communal fire pit for a couple of hours. It was VERY relaxing.. The kind of place you never want to leave. A soul soother.. and yes this campground has a store, espresso, pizza, showers, laundry facility, boat rentals, cabin rentals, a lodge, and of course flushing toilets. Who knows what else.. It is quite high class on a camping scale. The family seemed quite impressed. We all have plans to go back next summer.

Oh Oregon.... I love you! Up next: Wayne and his mom and I went to Coburg to the Antique fair. I documented the adventure! Check back soon. 


  1. Your Auntie says: It was just what the doctor ordered, a soul soother. We love you so much!

  2. Qué lugar tan bonito!!!! Soñado!!!Los que vean las fotos, seguro anhelan visitar un sitio así...Saludos desde Argentina :)